Kimball Art Center for Robert Marc’s Color Talk

I stopped off at the Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah the other day for a talk Robert Marc was giving on color and the senses.  It was a classic Robert Marc talk that captivated the audience and gave them an insight into not only how we see color, images and form, but also how different animals might see those same images.  In addition to light and color, Robert’s talk teased the audience with a brief look into the other senses and there are more than you think there might be.  I’ve written about Robert’s color talk before and I still maintain that if you ever get the chance, it is one of the best publicly accessible scientific talks I’ve ever seen. His color talk is not available online, but you can get a feel for the 20 senses talk from Robert’s Ignite SLC presentation available on Youtube here.

The talk was given in conjunction with an exhibit by Devorah Sperber who works with materials and optics to create illusions, illustrations and recreations of classic works that are crafted in new, exciting ways.  At first blush, they appear to be random assemblages of color and texture, but once viewed through optical lenses or reflectors, there is an epiphanic moment of realization where all the texture and color become contextualized.  You have to see it to experience it.


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