Autumn is here…

I had to actually desaturate the color from the image above… seriously, the color was that vibrant.  Bringing in the RAW images from the camera almost did not look real, so bringing down the saturation 7 notches in Photoshop was required to make the image seem more realistic.

It was an amazingly beautiful fall day today with soft diffuse light everywhere because of the overcast.  The temperature was just right and the color from the trees up Millcreek canyon was as intense as I’ve ever seen it making for some really nice photographic opportunities.  I had no idea the color would be this intense, but we began a wonderful day with a shared family breakfast followed by a gentle hike up the Pipeline trail in Millcreek Canyon, perfect ground with lots of leaves, lichen and fungi for our nephew, a budding 4 1/2 year old naturalist.

We really could not have asked for a better day which was much deserved after a hard days work yesterday.  For me it was in the lab on a Saturday morning and work at home in the afternoon/evening.

Thank you Chris, Caitlyn, Hollie, H and F for a wonderful day.

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