Highway 89 Book Signing

My good friend Ann Torrence held a book signing the other day for her latest accomplishment, U.S. Highway 89 at the Kings English bookstore. Ann’s journey in publishing this book has been an amazing one to witness over the last few years. Ann and I have been hanging around photographing and traveling the world together for years now and I remember when she first told me about her project to document Highway 89 from the U.S./Mexico border all the way to Canada.  I said to myself at the time… “well, that is an ambitious project. I am not sure she knows what she’s getting into”. While I suspect even she would admit those sentiments were accurate, the reality is that none of us were prepared for what has come out of that journey, an amazing documentation of a unique highway and the people who live and travel on it through photographs, words and history that is unparalleled. The book is an ideal companion for travel planning, kind of the ultimate road trip book that provides insight into the origins of the highway and the 7 National Parks it passes through.


Watching the process of this book coming together has been inspiring. Ann’s book, U.S. Highway 89 is unique. It does not fit into any distinct category which led to early problems with her shopping the book around to a publisher.  Just where would such a book fit on a shelf at one of the big box book retailers?  Her solution to this problems was a very punk rock, DIY approach… she acquired her own publishing house, Sagebrush Press that is publishing both the Highway 89 book as well as The Story of The Cathedral of The Madeline.


Ann and I have talked some and she’s given me some insight into her future projects.  Without spilling the beans, if these projects end up being half as excellent as her Highway 89 book, then we are all in for a treat.

I have obtained multiple copies of these books for family and friends (as well as my own signed copy).  You can get your copy of U.S. Highway 89 from Sagebrush Press, locally in Utah at the Kings English bookstore or Amazon.

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