Studio Lighting Photowalk 2010

We had the third annual studio lighting photowalk yesterday. This Photowalking Utah event always has a good turnout and this year was no exception with 155 people in this image alone. Over 200 ultimately showed up during the day. This photowalk was originally formed so that we could get out of the cold and do something inside. We arrange for several models to show up and a number of photographers bring and set up their own studio lighting equipment that participants can hook their cameras up to see and understand how to light models in a studio environment. We also bring in our own camera gear and let folks try out and use lenses and camera bodies to see how they handle and experiment with equipment before buying. This leads to some rather innovative uses of equipment and occasionally, something new happens. This year saw the genesis of the Jarvie Window, or an 8mm fisheye lens connected to a ring flash that creates cartoonish caricatures of folks. Its gimmicky yes, but absolutely creative and new. Look for it at a Scott Jarvie experience near you.

I am including out-takes below to give you a feel for what the studio lighting photowalk environment is like.

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