Best Wishes Akira

My friend and master sushi chef, Akira has moved out of the Salt Lake City area and onto California where he is working at Blowfish Sushi to continue building his experience. We will miss him and I’ll absolutely have to fly out to San Jose to see him sometime soon. Residents of San Jose, go check out Blowfish Sushi and ask for Akira. Tell him I sent you and send my warmest greetings.

My very good friend Sam and his son A visited Akira at Kyoto one last time before he left. Sam and I have been going to Kyoto for sushi for over a decade and for much of that time, Akira was the one who was preparing wonderfully tasty sushi for us.

I was fortunate enough to have Akira make a farewell sushi dish for me before leaving and I must say that it was absolutely epic.

Thank you Akira, and I’ll talk with you soon.

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