Highway89 Book Release

My good friend Ann Torrence has just released her excellent book on Highway 89. This book is a pictorial and historical expose on one of the world’s greatest highways that leads from the Mexican border all the way to the Canadian border and passes through some of the most spectacular national parks on the planet. Ann has worked on this book for 3 years, driving over 15,000 miles, assembling 30,000 words and capturing over 50,000 images that have been distilled down to some of the most beautiful photography of the Western United States that I’ve ever seen.

The US89 blog has more information that will be updated to showcase more photography, places, groups and events connected with US89 along with a Facebook page here.

U.S. Highway 89 is available on Amazon here.

The two pictures below are a couple of quick images captured at the Book proof party on Friday. Thanks Ann for a wonderful party and a most excellent book. It is a beautiful achievement.

Ann Torrence at her book release party.

Ann Torrence with Rich Legg and other friends at the book signing party.

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