The August Red Butte Garden Photowalk

These images are horribly out of date as they are from a Photowalking Utah event at Red Butte Garden back in August. My good friend Ann Torrence headed this event up and her pictures were posted in a more timely manner here. Fifteen folks ultimately showed up for this photowalk and there were some folks present attending their first ever photowalk which is always tremendously rewarding. While these are out of date, I did want to ultimately get them posted after finally finding the time to start going through a tremendous backlog of images that I hope to get through after finishing a manuscript we are preparing for publication.

Enough of that and onto the photographs from Red Butte… It turns out Red Butte Gardens is always changing throughout the year. We’ve gone in winter, spring fall and the middle of the summer to watch the plants change as well as the species of birds, insects and even mammals change. For photographers of course, this sort of thing is a tremendous resource for all types of photography including portrait, landscape, macro and more.

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