Worldwide Photowalk ’09

Last Saturday I was one of thousands of people that turned out around the world for the Worldwide Photowalk. Last years event saw 8,324 photographers register in 47 countries. In the US, 44 States had Photowalks and more than 1,017,125 photos were taken on walks throughout the world on that day. It will be interesting to see what the turnout statistics are for this years event, but if our local photowalk events was any indication, the numbers should be substantially larger.

Our local SLC photowalk had over 80 photographers show up for the first event in downtown Salt Lake City and another 45 show up for an event in the evening (more than registered as a few crashed the party with ample encouragement). Its been said by many others including Scott Bourne that the sense of community in the Utah photography scene is truly exceptional and is due in part to our local Photowalking Utah group started back in 2007. Ann Torrence, Rich Legg and I formed the group and for our first photowalk, we managed to scrape together six people for a walk through downtown SLC in the rain and cold. Today, Photowalking Utah is growing rapidly and currently claims more than 600 members who regularly attend events and post their images to our Flickr group here.

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