San Diego visit to NCMIR

Ran down to San Diego with Greg, Tolga and Jamie to meet with Mark Ellisman for the day. It was a whirlwind trip, flying down in the morning and back in the evening which precluded any surfing time or opportunities for a delicious meal in San Diego. Just too much to do and not enough time for everyone given the projects that are coming down.


Unfortunately, though I bought my camera, there were very few opportunities to make photographs other than shooting what I saw through the plane windows.


Looks like Peter Jackson was in town as this is his Gulfstream IV sitting just off the runway.


Taking off we circled around and flew over the USS Nimitz. I had an invitation a couple of months ago to embark on the Nimitz as she underwent maneuvers off the California coast, but prior commitments kept me on land. Perhaps another time.


Thankfully, there was some entertainment from the kid seated in front who was playing with all of his action figures…. Indiana Jones versus Jack Sparrow! Raaaaarrrrrrgh….. then it was Darth Vader against someone I did not recognize which had me laughing enough to make a picture.



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