Washington D.C. and visit to TATRC at Ft. Detrick

Greg and I traveled to Washington, D.C. to visit with the TATRC folks at Ft. Detrick. It was a crazy, fast trip, but hopefully some interesting science comes out of it.

I always enjoy D.C. and getting out to visit the area. There is always so much to see in D.C., even from the air. For instance, I was surprised looking out the window to see us flying over the National Reconnaissance Office buildings.

Unfortunately, this trip was so fast that we really only got out the night we arrived. So, we walked through town in search of food and ended up walking through the rain through the Mall up to one of my favorite places in D.C., the Lincoln Memorial.

We walked from the Lincoln Memorial over to the Vietnam Vetrans Memorial then onto the White House before returning to the hotel late for a Guinness and to prepare for the next days meetings over at Ft. Detrick.

I don’t have much in the way of photographic material from Ft. Detrick as we were engaged in meetings, but I was able to see the fabled Eight Ball or One-Million-Liter Test Sphere built in 1948 as an aerosol test chamber specifically to study munitions testing. It was also involved in a number of studies on how disease agents infect and flow through the atmosphere.

Soon enough, we were on our way back home, but I wanted to include a shot of me all cleaned up, so my Grandmother who suspects I don’t actually have a job will have some sort of visual confirmation that I do on occasion, wear a tie. Greg is here too as I suspect his wife may have some of the same suspicions about him. Seriously though, two Dr. Jones walking into a room in suits with this crowd raised a couple of eyebrows, but the trip was most informative and I think we have some good data to work with.

P.S. Delta, thanks for the upgrades.

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