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Jim Goldstein ran a little exercise where he invited many of his readers to submit their best photographs of 2008. In addition to his own 10 favorite photographs, he aggregated the results to form a list of the best of from 93 photographers. Jim asked us to reproduce the list to share a little link love, so it follows my own list of my best from 2008.

The Pumalo above was made on the streets of Chengdu, China.

This image was made at 35,000 feet over the California coast just as the sun was rising with the shadow of the Earth below. I liked this image as it reminded me of Rothko‘s art. The original image was from this entry.

This image of a bridge was made on the streets of Chengdu, China on a walk with friends. The quality of light, form and shadow appealed to me and my friends indulged me while making a few exposures.

The trip to China was a rather successful scientific meeting, not to mention more than a few really satisfying photographs were made on that trip. This image was made in a monastery on Mount Emei. The original image in context can be seen here.

Prayer candles on top of Mount Emei from this entry. The scene was quite powerful with people making the pilgrimage to the top of Mount Emei and lighting candles to entreat the assistance of spirits and ancestors with their troubles.

This image was made at Nellis AFB during Red Flag 08-04. The access I had was extraordinary and enabled a number of photographs like this one as pilots prepared to go into intense mock combat. This was dangerous work for pilots and ground crew and unfortunately one pilot, Lt. Col. Thomas Bouley died in this years exercises. Original entry is here.

This broad tailed hummingbird was captured in our backyard feeding. Next year I am going out with more than one flash in an attempt to get those wings in sharp focus. Original entry here.

This image was made on a fishing trip up to Canada. It was one of those moments that reminds you to turn around on occasion as we were headed out to sea at high speed when I turned around and was dumbstruck at how beautiful the sunrise through the fog was. Upon recovering my senses, I yelled for our boat captain to shut it down so I could make the shot without bouncing overboard. Thanks to everyone on the boat who suffered through my photography.

This was another shot of mountains, this time taken from about 30,000 feet on a flight out of Los Angeles. It was a morning shot, so I do not know if this was pollution we are seeing or morning fog….

I had gotten stuck in Paris on a flight and returned early in the morning to get a flight back to the States. The light outside was completely flat and dreary which matched the cold and rain perfectly. However, sitting on the bench and looking up to see this spinal like structure holding the roof up made for an interesting image at least as the lines and form resonated with me.

Walking down the street in Aberdeen, Scotland rewarded me with this wonderful door. Aberdeen is a beautiful, old city with much rockwork and granite forming the buildings and streets. Walking through the old part of town is especially rewarding and I hope to get the chance to return some day.

Christy from the University of Utah Museum of Natural History asked me to come over and photograph some of their insects, which I eagerly accepted. I am hoping to try out some new software and hardware in the macro arena this year.

This shot was made during a visit to Creech AFB where I was able to get a feel for the operations related to unmanned aerial vehicles. The light was not ideal that day, but I was still pretty happy with a number of images from that day.

Late in the afternoon of a visit to the military and law enforcement shoot down at Shot Show 08 rewarded me with this image. By the time everyone got their act together, the light was fading for the actual shoot, so images of that event were not entirely successful.

Below are the list from Jim’s entry of 93 photographers top picks of their best of 2008.

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