Train ride

H and I took a train ride on the Heber Creeper nee Heber Valley Railroad on the Lakeside Limited run which showcased absolutely stunning winter vistas as the train ran down Provo canyon. The trip was also remarkably cold even with the coal fired stove in the carriage car that reminded me of the Northern UK with its smell. While the trip is well worth it for warm and cold seasons, do wear *warm* shoes or boots because by the time the run was finished, our feet were absolutely frozen due to the lack of insulation on the floor of the steel carriage car. My feet felt on the verge of frostbite as they were absolutely numb with cold making getting off the train a careful proposition.

We’ve biked and run along the same route in the warmer months, but this train trip is absolutely a wonderful way to experience train travel as it used to be (our carriage car was almost 100 years old). An added bonus is all the wildlife you get to see with deer, eagles, hawks and the occasional homo sapiens hiking, skiing (or biking in the warmer months) along trails that parallel the tracks. I really should have brought a longer lens to photograph the eagles we saw hunting and feeding on fish. Perhaps next trip…

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