Pipeline Trail, Millcreek canyon

The Pipeline trail up Millcreek canyon is one of our local favorites for biking, hiking and running. There are multiple trailheads up Millcreek canyon are in National Forest and the proximity of such a wonderful resource can not be under-appreciated. Yesterday, H and I decided to run up to the trail as we still do not have any snow which is somewhat worrying, but if this season is like last, we’ll get walloped next month. For now however, we are enjoying dry trails and beautiful scenery of a low-alpine trail.

This cast iron pipe is of course why the trail got its name as the trail once served as the bed of a pipeline that carried water from Elbow Fork to the upper Millcreek power station some years ago.

The trail is lovely year round (even in the winter, though a bit treacherous in spots) and wends its way down Millcreek canyon to some rather dramatic overlooks of the Salt Lake valley.

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