Still alive…

I have not posted regularly this month, but the workload has been crushing for the last couple of months and I’ve frankly not been able to get out with the camera much lately. This shot of the moon was taken last week from Nellis AFB while down photographing Red Flag exercises. Those photos will be coming as soon as I can get through the 20GB of images taken in two days. In fact, things have been so busy that a day trip out to the Salt Flats for Speed Week was simply not possible this year which disappoints as I’ve photographed Speed Week out at the Bonneville Speedway for three years in a row now starting in 2005, 2006 and 2007. I hope that I can make it for 2009 as it is truly an experience.

The last couple of months have been loaded with a chapter and several manuscripts to author and co-author as well as work for collaborators that have needed attention. Additionally, Robert has certainly been working hard on a chapter and a couple more manuscripts we are getting out, one of which will introduce a substantial project to the scientific community that we have been engaged in for a while now.

There will be a few opportunities coming up to capture images including taking some photos on upcoming business trips to N. Carolina, California, China and Korea over the next month. We’ll see how much photography and processing I can get accomplished in-between trips in the evenings as time spent on the plane tends to be time on the laptop working on science related pursuits.

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