Wolf Spider

One of the collections managers in entomology at the Utah Museum of Natural History, Christy Bills sent an email the other day asking if I would be interested in photographing some of their insects for an upcoming exhibit. The schedule has been insanely busy over the past month, but I took an hour Friday to run down to shoot some images of a few insects with plans to go back for more pics of other insects and such later when time allows. These particular shots are of a female wolf spider that was *much* larger than the male wolf spider that I photographed some time ago, but I am much happier with the quality of these images as I was able to take the time with the appropriate lighting which is critical in macro photography.

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  1. My husband found an extra large spider in our garage last night. It is so big we couldn’t tell if it was some sort of tarantula or just an enormous wolf spider. It looks just like this one! The one I have is 3 inches long! And it jumps just like a tarantula does! If I hadn’t run across this picture and your comment about how much larger it is than the male, I would have concluded that it was some sort of morph between a tarantula and wolf spider. Thanks for the pics!

  2. ive been looking for a photo of a wolf spider that actually had some good detail so i could find out whats been crawling on me at night.
    P.S im having a really bad recluse problem in my basement. Any tips?

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