RPB photos

We had a bit of a late notice panic when our administrative assistant told us a couple of days ago that we need our pictures taken for the RPB grants by today. Good luck finding a photographer, right? Well, I had the gear and volunteered to take the shots for myself, Wolfgang, Ed and Paul, but I do wish there was more time to properly set up a shoot with lights and such. I had other photos of these folks, but RPB has some specific requirements such as not looking into the camera, wearing a lab coat and doing something in the image related to our work. These are all pretty reasonable, but the lab coat thing always makes me laugh.

The shot above is Ed Levine and although RPB wants the images in color, which I prefer… though B&W below works as well I suppose.

Ed Levine.


Paul Bernstein.


Wolfgang Baehr.


And of course, me.


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