SLC Photowalk #4 pics

We had our fourth SLC Photowalk on Tuesday downtown and around the LDS Temple Square to see the Christmas lights. I was worried that not many would show given that everyone was going to have to brave the cold (24 F), but we had a good turnout (Official SLC Photowalk group site with many very impressive images of the Photowalk here). I had dressed in multiple layers, with hood and gloves and still was absolutely frozen by the end. I was so cold in fact that I had to resort to using the tripod for over 75% of the shots as my hands were not tremendously stable when shivering. I will also have to apologize to some of the other folks on the photowalk as I was not my usual social self having suffered a hard fall on the ice a day before which made my arm and back quite sore, only to be made worse by shivering making composition and patience suffer somewhat. Oh well, we all suffer for our art, right?

Ann was out shooting with the Lensbaby on her D2X playing with interpretive imagery. One of her shots that looks for all the world like following a shooting star can be seen here.

This photowalk was also the inaugural outing with the new Canon 1D mk III so I was also getting used to a new workflow which I rather enjoy. This camera also opens up new arenas of low light photography with this shot of Rich taken without flash, handheld at ISO 3200. While not compositionally spectacular, I am most happy with the low noise and decent image quality evident in this image at an ISO that previously would have introduced an unacceptable amount of noise.

Finally, on my way up to the lab to retrieve my car and head home I ran into a number of University Campus Police cars sitting in front of the Moran Eye Center with a large semi truck stuck in the loading dock. As I walked past, one of the officers noticed my camera bag and asked if I had a camera that could take photos at night because their camera would not work….. “why yes, yes I do!” I don’t know what the story was with this as nobody here seems to know, but perhaps the driver simply got the wrong loading dock.

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