Christmas Eve

It is now Christmas Eve and and whatever this season means to you, I wanted to wish you all a most happy holiday. Among all the crazy, mad rush as The Waitresses sang/rapped about in their Yuletide “Christmas Wrapping”, our focus on financials, thoughts on gift giving, worries about the state of the economy, what is, was and is to come, and on and on and on, I wanted to focus a bit more on the personal, remembering concerns about family and friends who are with us and those of us that are no longer here. There are friends and family that I miss terribly who have passed away and other very good friends who I imagine are still very much alive, but have managed to slip out of communication over the years, like Bob, Carolyn, Peter, Andrew, Paul, LoAndra and Mike (if any of you happen to read this, I think about you often and you know who you are, so contact me). It’s interesting where life takes us and how spheres of influence pass through one another sometimes lingering, sometimes intertwining and sometimes touching for only brief periods in time. Despite the temporal nature of these interactions, they are all important to making us who we are and I’d like to think that just about everyone that has touched me in one way or another is so fundamentally important in ways both positive and negative yet even the unpleasant times are moments that I would not trade for anything.

I am so grateful for all the people that have been and are in my life, friends, family, colleagues and co-workers. Thank you all.

The picture above is an older image taken with Ektachrome approximately 18 years ago of the Cathedral of the Madeline back before the restoration. The space now is very much more vibrant with surprisingly vibrant polychromes, however… I still think of the building in its unrestored state with more muted tones for some reason and am always surprised to see how vibrant the colors are on those occasional times when I visit.

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