Macro lens catblogging

It’s been a couple of weeks since posting last, but this month has been so very busy with deadlines, travel, new experiments and more and this weekend was no exception. I finished some training materials for harvesting of human eyes and got a couple of items out on deadlines which unfortunately forced me to miss the last Photowalk SLC, this time in Provo on Saturday. My apologies to the group. It would have been nice to be there given the beautiful weather, the things to see and meet some new people who have joined the group. The photos are wonderful… There will be another Photowalk SLC sometime very soon to photograph the holiday decorations, people on the street and Christmas lights downtown, so look for the updates.

Also going on yesterday was a thorough top to bottom cleaning of the kitchen to prepare for holiday culinary merrymaking. At some point during a break, I was playing with the Canon 100mm macro f/2.8 as the light coming into the kitchen was amazing and I looked over to see our cat sitting there watching us. Completely on a whim, I took these pictures with the macro lens and it struck me that this lens also makes a pretty good portrait lens with nice bokeh and amazing sharpness. The optics of this lens are spectacular, rivaling that of the famed Canon L series lenses. Some may find the differing workflows required for macro photography not to their liking and while I thought Scott’s macro images were actually quite good, his advice to try before you buy is appropriate. However, that said, this lens is an amazing value for the money, and while there is a learning curve for shooting macro images which is the principal job of this lens, the Canon 100mm macro f/2.8 is a far more flexible lens and not quite as specialized as I may have thought.

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