Free iPhone compliments of Lijit

I had quite the surprise the other day when I walked into the lab after a meeting to find a box waiting for me that contained a couple Lijit T-shirts and a brand new iPhone complements of Lijit’s totally arbitrary iPhone giveaway. ¬†Thanks Lijit!

I’ve been using Lijit’s search and network tools for a few months now. If you look at the sidebar to the right, you will find a software search tool from Lijit that provides a means for people to search your blog and the blogs of others in your blogroll or social network for information to find answers to questions as well as providing links to content or places where you post information other than your blog. ¬†In addition, Lijit provides some rather useful statistics that compliment the statistics from Google and other sources. Free iPhone aside, I have been very happy with Lijit’s services and their response to suggestions I’ve made to improve their service. If you would like to try them out, you can get your own Lijit widget here.

For a little background on the company, Lijit is a small startup based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado comprised of a dozen people (Todd, Stan, Dan, Leslie, Derek, Andy, Charlie, Colleen, Tara, Mike, Barney and Daniel. The premise behind their product is that people tend to look for answers from others they know or trust, yet current search engines (even the almighty Google) do not provide any sort of framework for trust inside social networks you are familiar with. Lijit provides for this intimacy of information allowing you and others to search not only information in your blog, but also information from posts that colleagues, friends and family have perhaps written when you are looking for information from sources that *you* know and trust. It is an approach that certainly has benefits in the social networking arenas, but I also find the potential for business and academics to be very exciting and I’ll be closely following Lijit in the future.

P.S.: Hey, Lijit should code up a Lijit app like in the photo above.

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