Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a bit lower key this year for a variety of reasons, but H and I still like tradition. As such after phone calls to family wishing everyone a Happy Easter, we invited over our nephew, oh yeah…. and his parents too for Easter brunch. H’s cinnamon rolls, breakfast casserole and more were a hit as usual with everyone commenting that she should open her own cafe. I have no doubt that she could succeed by working in a niche that would provide most tasty, yet healthy food. We ate, talked, laughed and generally visited while my brother-in-law, C and I drank two pots of coffee, essentially one for each of us and also managed to talk about hunting mushrooms while our nephew played in the front.

After Easter brunch, H and I went for a walk through the neighborhood where we came upon this sad sign (phone # removed for privacy issues) that was somewhat appropriate for Easter. One wonders if their rabbit is somehow busy hiding easter eggs and will return sometime later this week…

We continued walking down to Sugarhouse Park, the former home of the Utah State Prison until 1951 and is now an open greenspace that helps making life here in Salt Lake City so pleasant. Sugarhouse Park is a great place for picnicking, photography, kite flying, baseball, basketball or any other activity that requires lots of open green lawn, flowers and trees. I’ve done some photography here before including the annual Strut Your Mutt a couple of years ago, photos of which have led to an incredible amount of traffic from Google Imagesearch to Jonesblog for people looking for everything from dogs to “hot dog”.

Aside from being a place to walk/run/play with your dog, Sugarhouse park is also a place to see lots of urban seagulls, ducks and geese who spend considerable amounts of time in the park.

Interestingly, on the side of the road in the park we came upon this Pinzgauer. One sees more of these in the UK through their distributor as they are quite popular there for military use or in Switzerland where they originate from, but I was surprised to see one here in the US. However, in a wonderful example of long tail economics, there of course is a place one the Internet where you can purchase Pinzgauers, Unimogs and more as well as parts.

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