I’m on TV!

A few weeks ago before we started out on the trip to Argentina, we shot a television commercial for the Moran Eye Center as part of a larger University Health Care system with ads for the cardiology group, orthopaedic group, emergency medicine group etc…etc…etc…

I have to admit that the day was rather amusing as we went through makeup and got to see from the production side, how a commercial was made. The deal was that the producers and hospital wanted to have real scientists and physicians represented in the commercials so that people would not be bumping into the actors on the street and asking questions only to find out that they were actors and not the scientists or physicians they thought they were. So at the very last minute, we received a request to drive out to the other side of the valley and be in a commercial. We talked about it and without knowing the details, risked the possibility that we’d get butchered. I have to say though that the ads turned out pretty well and why they are not hosting the ads on their official website mystifies me, but here is the ad that ran for the Moran Eye Center that I was in.

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