A New Year, 2006

We have hit the ground running and bid the 2005 holiday season adieu. I’ve enjoyed doing relatively little over the past week, having spent time with H, because 2006 should bring an amazingly busy year. Already, today is booked from start to finish and looking at my iCal calendar, things are already booked into October, 2006. First up is finishing off a couple of papers and notable experiments for metabolomics, and later this month, I’ll be giving a seminar at UCSB to the Center for Bio-Image Informatics. Later still, some folks from Adobe will be visiting us for what should be some interesting conversation. Other items of note for this year will be a trip to Hawaii, a trip to Florida, trips to Southern Utah, a trip to Argentina, and moving the lab to a brand new building among many other items. All told, I’m looking forward to what this year will bring with changes at work and home.

The intro image was from our christmas tree this year, with handmade origami ornaments. We really did not do presents this year, instead preferring to spend time with each other, read, cook, eat good food and generally go spinal.

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