Holiday Stories

It’s not yet Thanksgiving, and premature Christmas fare normally turns my stomach, but in this case, we have a deserved exception.

I have persuaded H. to allow me to publish two quirky children’s books she has written and illustrated. She created and gave the books to me as Christmas presents, and I figured they should be shared. Even in cartoon form, I loved the care and biological “correctness” of many of the illustrations, and the clever writing that accompanies the images.

The stories linked below are now being made freely available here under a Creative Commons license, so please enjoy and provide feedback to her at this address if you enjoy them.

The first story is about Christmas under the sea. (Link is a 5.1MB .pdf file.)

The next story is a quirky children’s book about Christmas with anthropomorphized human organs, including and eye, a stomach, a nose, an ear and a heart. (Link is a 21.7MB .pdf file.)


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