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Most of you know about my preference for computing platforms and why Apple has the better solution. However, especially given my area of work in science, the absence of some computing resources from the platform have been notable. Well, I just received an email that reveals National Instruments are back on the Mac.

Here is the email:

While we're on the topic, I'd like to clear up the gossip for all scientists and engineers wanting to use their Mac for data acquisition...

National Instruments data acquisition has returned to the platform from which LabVIEW originated. NI has seen and heard the requests from the Mac-using engineer and scientist community for a supported hardware driver. NI has released NI-DAQmx Base, the most complete, easy-to-use data acquisition driver for Mac OS X. NI-DAQmx Base supports PCI data acquisition hardware for NIs multifunction I/O, digital I/O, and analog output devices. New low-cost USB DAQ devices are also available including the NI USB-6008 and NI USB-6009.

A LabVIEW and C API, as well as free, ready-to-run measurement software are included.

Go to to learn more about Macintosh products available from National Instruments. Also, you can go to to download the free NI-DAQmx Base driver for Mac OS X.

Jared Aho
Data Acquisition Product Manager
National Instruments

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