Dr. BWJones (unofficially)

I am close to finishing the dissertation, so have elected to go through the graduation ceremony. However, there is some concern on the part of my committee as they on occasion have seen folks go through graduation ceremonies and then never quite finish the dissertation defense. This of course strikes me as particularly absurd, but I believe it happens. They really have nothing to worry about with this of course as I am deep in the writing and preparation of the dissertation and its defense and have no intention of giving up. So, all of that aside, I managed to go through one of only two graduation ceremonies in my life. I skipped the junior high graduation event because it was just absurd to celebrate something like that. High school graduation was something to celebrate as I was so happy to have that phase of my life over with. College graduation ceremonies were not going to happen because I was working two jobs at the time and trying to finish school, but graduating with a doctorate was something to celebrate not just with the formal ceremony, but also with a party for family and friends. My only regret is that my grandfather Freesh could not see this day as I am sure he would have been proud. Of course, even though the cake says Phinally Done, the hardest part, finishing the writing and the formal defense really has yet to be accomplished and I am under no delusions of the work left. Nevertheless, it felt good to be able to celebrate a bit before heading back into the breech next week.

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