Ahhhh, the week before Thanksgiving and our sewer system (Installed in 1915) dies by breaking and leaking water into our basement. Of course we jump on it immediately and have a local plumbing referral run a camera down it to ensure that it is the sewer. $350 later they tell us yes the sewer is broken and it will cost $9900 to fix. Hmmmm. Second and third opinions come up with $7000 and $5000 to fix…….We go with the middle guys because they seem to know what they are doing. Next issue. We find that Allstate (our homeowners insurance) will pay nothing. So it is now up to us to pay the entire balance much to our dismay. Oh well, at least we have a sewer unlike the majority of the worlds population. Therefore, we decided to place our names discretely in the wet concrete and inscribe Christmas 2002 as this essentially wipes out any plans for consumer spending this holiday season. We figured it gives us the opportunity to actually volunteer on Christmas day as we have never volunteered on Christmas day before.

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