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  1. I love the cuttlefish! When I first watched them on PBS I was mysified. They are amazing! How did you make that, it looks strangely yummy! The eyes might creep out my kids though lol but I think it is very creative!

  2. Thanks! The Cephalopods are amazing and the cuttlefish are one of the most impressive of the cephalopods. The recipe: Angel food cake and crepes are what constructed the body and the mantle. I used icing to hold the whole thing together and simply snipped the angelfood cake to make the “tentacles”. The eyes were custom made chocolates as I could not find anything that met the needs. Simply, they were chocolate wafers that I melted in molds, then stuck a partially unmelted wafer in the middle of the melted chocolate for the “pupil”. Piping gel was then used for the patterns on the mantle and for the “water” around the baking sheet.

  3. That really looks very delicious. I was curious to see what a cuttlefish is and the first image that I see was a cake shaped as a cuttlefish.

    The eyes make it a bit scary though!

  4. These are fabulous. I may have to copy! We’ve kept an Octopus and a Cuttle’ in our aquariums in the past. Such very, very cool little creatures! Your photography is terrific. I found your site searching for focus stacking – too many projects….

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