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This category contains a series of images selected from posts to this blog. Prints from any of these images can be made by request.

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The above image is one of a series on the Great Salt Lake I had on PBS a decade or so ago. It was an unbelievable day out at the Great Salt Lake in the afternoon after a storm had come through that morning. The light was extraordinary and I easily burned through a couple hundred dollars worth of film rolls which at the time came dearly as it was about ten weeks worth of groceries. Now of course shooting digital makes situations like this less of an ordeal. Just shoot and fill up that memory card. If you don't like it, there is no remorse in throwing away the image, whereas with film, I was always checking myself when capturing an image for fear of throwing money away in film costs, developing costs, printing costs etc...etc...etc...

This image is from this blog entry. It was an amazing trip and I ended up with some satisfying images. This one in particular prints out quite nicely and is mounted on our wall at home.

This image was taken from a trip up to Driggs, Idaho from this entry.

An image from the Teton Valley from this blog entry.

The White Ibis (Eudocimus albus) are striking appearing birds with an equally impressive call. I was pretty happy with the way this image turned out, but it needed a bit of help from Photoshop to bring out details that were hard to get with my current lenses. This image came from this blog entry.

A hot rod out on the salt flats from this blog entry.

A shot of the Washington, D.C. metro from this entry.

From one of the meets with the University of Utah gymnasts. Background for this image is in this blog entry.

This image is from the Easter blog entry I made in 2005.

An image of Saltair taken out by the Great Salt Lake from this blog entry.

Ragitoto from this travel blog entry.

The only shot I got that day worth anything thanks to the Department of Homeland Security. I wrote about the experience in this entry.

A beautiful rose taken at the birthday party of a good friend of ours from this entry.

The Air Force thunderbirds in flight over Ft. Lauderdale, Florida from this blog entry.

Posted: Thu - March 17, 2005 at 09:42 AM