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White Plains, NY 2017

I had the opportunity to run out to White Plains, NY to give a talk on some of the work we are doing in retinal circuitry and retinal degenerative diseases.  My thanks to the Burke Rehabilitation Hospital (@Burke_Rehab), Cornell (@Cornell), and my friends and colleagues, Botir Sagdullaev, Rajiv Ratan, Sunghee Cho, John Cave, Jason Carmel, Diana Willis and Glen Prusky for the invitation to come out, and taking the time to meet and hear about our work.


Botir Sagdullaev


Diana Willis


Glen Prusky


Jason Carmel


John Cave


Rajiv Ratan


Sunghee Cho


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  1. What’s that on the first photo. I figure in your field, it’s some animal’s retina?

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