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On Cone Bipolar Cell Axonal Synapses In The OFF Inner Plexiform Layer Of The Rabbit Retina

JCN cover 2013

This paper in the Journal of Comparative Neurology by J. Scott Lauritzen, James R. Anderson, myself, Carl B. Watt, Shoeb Mohammed, John V. Hoang and Robert E. Marc went to press yesterday and we got another cover.  We continue to be pretty excited about this work and are eager to see it continue as we are extracting complete, new circuitry with this approach that is unparalleled in the field of connectomics.  There are more details including the abstract over on Webvision.

Figure description: The first Rabbit Retinal Connectome volume (RC1), constructed via automated transmission electron microscopy (ATEM) and computational molecular phenotyping (CMP), spans the mid-inner nuclear layer (INL) at section 001 to the ganglion cell layer (GCL) at section 371, shown in a mirror image below. RC1 is a short cylinder ≈ 250 μm in diameter and ≈ 30 μm high containing 341 ATEM sections and 11 intercalated CMP sections. The cylinder is capped at top and bottom with 10-section CMP series allowing molecular segmentation of cells, and an activity marker, 1-amino-4-guanidobutane (AGB), to mark cells differentially stimulated via glutamatergic synapses. ATEM section 001 is a horizontal plane section through the INL visualized with GABA.glycine.glutamate → transparency mapping and a dark gold alpha channel (ANDed taurine + glutamine channels). ATEM section 371 is a horizontal plane section through the GCL visualized with GABA.AGB.glutamate → transparency mapping.

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  1. Congrats on getting the cover, Bryan! Well done!

    Dino LeoneFebruary 4, 2013 @ 12:31 pmReply

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