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Autumn Storms

The storms started a couple of days ago on my way out to the airport.  In the last week I’ve been out to the airport more times than I’d care to.  I flew to Columbia, Missouri (photos soon), flew back to Salt Lake via Atlanta, dropped off H at the airport for her trip to Seattle, dropped off a visitor to the lab from our friend Nick Brecha’s laboratory, picked up H from the airport and I’ll unfortunately be coming back to the airport again all too soon.  That said, when the storm started rolling in, it began as rain, but ended up with an impressive amount of snow 3 days later.

I’ve shoveled snow now from the sidewalks and driveway for two days and it seems like fighting a losing battle for a storm like we’ve not had in Salt Lake in years with well over 4 feet of snow up in the ski resorts.  Perhaps the cross country skiing will be good again this year.

Hopefully the snow will abate today and I’ll be able to get back to writing papers.


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  1. That’s awesome. My nephew lives in Salt Lake City, and keeps sending my photos of snow and an assortment of lift tickets.

    • Well, when you are in town to use said lift tickets, you will have to let me know. Lots of good food/beverage to be had as well as many photo ops.

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