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Staff Parking…

Heading home after a long day in the lab…  It was a kind of surreal day with bizarre conversations, hardware failures on microscope power supplies and data corruption on hard drive RAID arrays, confusion over what was happening with some data analysis and more.  Very little got done on a review manuscript I am writing today and the whole day felt surreal.  So, heading down to the parking garage, I looked up to see this scene which kind of reminded me of the lonely scenes that populate many first person shooter games.  I worked with some wonderful folks years ago doing alpha and beta testing in a company called Westlake Interactive that ported games from PCs to Macintosh computers and this scene reminded me of many of those dark, yet HDR like foreboding scenes where an alien could at any time jump out from behind a corner…

I suppose that the mood could have been set because of the lighting tonight in my office (image below) as I worked on figures for the review manuscript.


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  1. I like your images, Jones. Clean and simple.

    Keep on that.

  2. Thanks man.

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