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Albion Basin

H and I took a little trip up to Albion Basin, up Little Cottonwood Canyon today to look at the wild flowers and take a gentle hike after the last couple of physically demanding days (H ran a very fast 10k followed by our riding a rather aggressive climb up one of our canyons on bike the following day). Of course hiking up in Albion Basin is a bit more physical exertion than you might expect given the 9000 foot altitude (and carrying ~25lbs of camera gear), but the wildflowers at this time of year always make the journey more than worth it.

In addition to the geology and flora, there is substantial fauna up in the basin that travels the Wasatch back including bear, moose, deer and more and this trip did not disappoint. The deer walked right in front of us as we quietly hiked up and the moose we saw was busying himself with a little nap. Given how bizarre moose brains are, we figured on giving the moose wide berth and relying on telephoto lenses to take his picture. Though I must say it is a little disconcerting to see other people walk disturbingly close to the animal given how aggressive moose can get. I don’t know if they simply did not see the moose or what, but discretion is always the better part of hiking.

I hope to get back up to Albion basin in the next few days, but schedules are getting really tight with another surprise trip that just popped up for science that will require another cross-country journey in the not too distant future. For now, I’ll leave you with a little picture of one of the other residents of Albion Basin who posed for me on our way back down.

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