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Extreme retinal remodeling triggered by light damage: Implications for age related macular degeneration

We just published a manuscript in Molecular Vision that was a long time in the making where we believe we’ve developed a model for Age related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Its funny but most of the efforts in retinal degeneration research have focused on retinitis pigmentosa (RP) which while devastating to people in their early 20s-30s when the disease first starts, does not come close to the total number of people affected by vision loss. The reality is that many, many more people suffer from macular degeneration. Approximately 10% of people will suffer from macular degeneration in some form and its thought that it arises because of a multitude of risk factors from genes to lifestyle. The hope is with this new model that we can start making just as much traction in AMD as we’ve been able to make in RP research in the last few years.

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