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Burning the midnight oil

I’ve been working insanely hard for months now on a variety of projects including a book chapter that is late (sorry Gislin). The next item on the agenda is a talk I am giving on Friday down in San Antonio just after the Associate Director of the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute. While Greg’s talk is on Advanced Biomedical Image Processing Workflows, I’ll be talking on Computational Molecular Phenotyping and Metabolomic Analysis and we hope that they will be somewhat complimentary despite the difference in subject matter areas. Not too long after that is another presentation in Los Angeles, so I am hoping to wrap up all of these things and get on to the next manuscript soon before more travel on the calendar pops up.

At any rate, the plan for San Antonio is of course to go down to the Riverwalk for some food and a margarita or two over discussions and data review on Thursday night. Not too many margaritas though so as to be able to give a good showing on Friday…

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