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TRAX Photowalk

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted and am quite late with these pictures of the last Photowalk which was made on UTA TRAX. This is partially due to a substantial work load combined with a hard drive failure that necessitated a complete rebuilding of my database. Thanks to Aperture and a backup, rebuilding my photographic database was possible, but I hate to think of what might have happened had there been no backup. In this case the only person that heard my exclamation was my wife in the other room. Had there been no backup, I am sure the entire neighborhood would have heard my howling and gnashing of teeth.

Also of note, there is an April event photowalk this afternoon with the details available here. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make this photowalk because I’ll be giving a talk on retinal remodeling for a bunch of ophthalmic photographers today, but I look forward to the next opportunity to get together with everyone.

At any rate, onto the belated shots from the last photowalk. We met up at the TRAX stop by the Moran Eye Center and traveled downtown where we formally started snapping pics. We walked a bit, jumped back on the train for the next stop, walked a bit more and took photos all the way. At some point, Rich and I traveled up to the top of the Wells Fargo Center and crashed a couple of wedding parties. No really…

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