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Photowalk SLC 2.0 pictures

The Photowalk SLC 2.0 went tremendously well with new additions to the Photowalk SLC crew including Elizabeth, Thom, Douglas and Kathryn. The entire crew photograph of our walk can be seen here with Harley, Shawn, Ann, Scott and myself in addition to our new Photowalk participants. Rich unfortunately was unable to make it this time as he was down in Provo photographing a wedding.

The weather this time was beautiful in dramatic contrast to our first outing. So, according to the previous plan, we started off on the West side in an area of gentrification. Its a little grungy, but like most interfaces, it is also where things can get interesting. At the corner of 500 West and 200 South, we walked West over to The Depot where there was a line of teens wrapped around the block to see some concert. By the way, Henry Rollins will be there next week on a spoken word tour. Given the upcoming schedule for the next two weeks, I am not sure that I’ll be able to make it, but if I can, pics will be taken.

We continued West and South down to the new Intermodal Hub and spent quite some time around an old ice house where many photos were taken. At that point, some of us departed for home while the rest walked back by the art galleries where we called it a night. Thank you all for showing up and I’ll look forward to the next one.

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