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Microscopy and Microanalysis meetings

My talk at the Microscopy and Microanalysis 2007 went well but perhaps more exciting, the speaker immediately after me, his colleague and I had lots to discuss after our talks. The one thing that you can hope to happen at a scientific meeting transpired in that we realized after our talks that both of our technologies, when hybridized could potentially lead to a better whole.  We had the software and approach and these guys had the microtome.  Bobby and Ken have engineered an impressive microtome solution that when combined with our imaging and data handling approaches could allow for greatly increased throughput of complete reconstruction of a variety of tissues with identification of classes and subclasses of cells, a very exciting prospect indeed and the Holy Grail of Neuroscience. Guys, I am working possibilities on my end and am looking forward to continuing the dialogue.

Oh, the introductory image is of the scanning component of the world’s largest Scanning Electron Microscope from Visitec.

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