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Driggs, Idaho

One of the things I love about the in-laws place is the number of birds that congregate around the house making perfect subjects for photography. Certainly, putting out bird feeders helps to get them to be a bit more social than they might otherwise but seeing Lesser Goldfinches and House Finches sharing branches is pretty cool.

It was a quick weekend trip up to visit with H’s parents, her siblings and a chance to get in a little cross country skiing given that the snow down in and around Salt Lake City has been less than optimal this winter. We were surprised to see so little snow up in the Driggs area as well and if they do not get some more, the drought will continue making it harder for trout and farmers alike. That said, up behind the Teton Range, there was plenty of snow to spend a day on and the weather had given us a beautiful window to enjoy the day outside.

On the way back, we were pushing a pretty strong headwind that was bringing another storm into SLC, but it also made for some pretty lenticular clouds. They were not the most impressive lenticular clouds I’ve ever seen, but I always marvel at how unique and almost “fabricated” they appear leading me to always think of the clouds in one of my favorite movies ever, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

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