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Meetings and the banquet

The nights sleep was again too short because of staying out late last night and I awoke to dark and stormy skies over Lake Nahuel Huapi. I walked down to the lake to see if there was any possibility of photography happening, but the waves were huge and the spray coming off of the water hitting the shore and pier kept getting into the lens. Birds were understandably nowhere to be seen, the light was completely flat and it was cold and wet, so back to the hotel room it was.

Today was another day of meetings with sessions devoted to proteomics and biomarkers in RD, new mutations and genes in RD, RPE genes and targets of retinal degenerations along with visual function in retinal degenerations. Sessions went all day with lunch in-between, but in the evening, we had our farewell remarks, an invitation to the next RD meeting in 2008 which will be held in Singapore and finally a farewell gala dinner. I did not have my camera for most of the day, but when they were lining up the music and dancing for the evening, I simply had to run back to the room and retrieve it.

Again, I am trying to do much of my photography without a flash which requires steady hands, Image Stabilization technology and fast lenses, but I should likely purchase one of the nicer flash modules like Canon’s 580EX so that the flash can be diffused or redirected without appearing so harsh. That said, the yield for the evening was not bad.

Tomorrow is a trip to San Martin de los Andes, so even though the evening ran late (it’s now 2:00am), we need to get a reasonably early start tomorrow for the drive………

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