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Driggs, Idaho

We made another trip to Driggs Idaho to visit with the in-laws, and C and C with our new nephew, F who drove into town. I cannot believe how fast F has grown in just the short couple of months since he was born, so it was good to have made the trip. It had been about a year since we made the trip up which made us realize how busy life has gotten lately. H’s work has gotten insanely busy as her company has increased the workloads without necessarily hiring people to perform the work. This has led to almost crushing amounts of work and decreased morale among many of the employees. My work is not as unpleasant, but it too has gotten very busy with more travel in the past couple of years than I had planned on including another trip out of town to the FASEB meetings in Indian Wells in a couple of weeks.

That said, this trip was a nice respite with opportunities for visiting, eating good food and of course, I could not help but get outside to capture some of the scenery including the bees and insects that crowd around the beautiful flowers surrounding their home. The in-laws have done some amazing landscaping work, turning a rocky field into a paradise for birds and insect alike. It’s not bad for people too as you can sit on the porch, sip some tea followed by an all too infrequent (for me) meat dinner with Fat Tire Ale . In the evenings much fun is had playing Scrabble even though I have yet to win a Scrabble competition with H, C and C. It’s incredibly discouraging but even a PhD in neurophysiology is not enough to take down these folks. Of course there are two English majors in the group which makes the job that much tougher. But despite how hard I work at it, they routinely school me at this game.

The species of birds around the house are diverse with American goldfinches to house finches to hummingbirds to even raptors.

As I said in a previous post, the Teton Valley is actually a pretty good spot for folks who like the outdoors. This trip my brother in law, C and I went out on an expedition to see what sorts of fungi and insects we could scare up for no particular reason other than it was science and science is fun. So, beer in one hand and camera in the other we walked around the outside of the house spilling beer on ourselves, getting pooped on by birds, stepping in gopher holes, photographing birds, finding both fungi and insect specimens of a variety of species and having a righteously good time. Thanks C.

The next day we went out for one of our favorite hikes up Darby Canyon. We had to make it a quick hike though as we left F back at the house with his grandparents and his Mom.

And of course there are people pictures since spending time with family *was* the intention of the trip.

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