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Laramie, Wyoming

We ran a quick trip out to Laramie to see our new nephew. As opposed to our last trip, this time we managed to make the whole trip in the daylight hours and this time avoided stopping in Rawlins.

This image appeals to me not so much for its technical prowess, but rather for its intimacy and simplicity. I’ve never really shot many “people” pictures, but this one has got to be one of my faves, perhaps because of my bias as I just love these people.

It was good to see C&C and the new nephew, F. Mother and child are doing well and he is a most cute little kid. We all took turns feeding him, holding him and burping him, only to turn him over to his rightful parents when diaper changing time came around. At this age, most of the time is spent sleeping and most of that time is spent in REM sleep, so mostly it is just time watching which gave H the opportunity to put some of her multi-faceted skills to use as she got busy in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

The day before we left, C, S, H and myself got away to do a little hiking. While Laramie is remote, windy, cold and desolate, it does have some of the most amazing hiking and mountain biking areas in the world with some amazingly accessible singletrack. I really, really was wishing that we had brought the bikes, but took the opportunity to do some photographic shooting. Given the altitude, (~7500 feet) some exposure issues are present when capturing images at mid-day, rendering many of my images less than desireable, but we caught some of the early wildflowers just right. Another item of note: There is so much granite and quartz all over the place that you think you are looking at broken glass when the sun hits the ground just right. It’s everywhere and C even mentioned thinking the same thing in downtown Laramie when they first moved here as many of the road materials are made with the surrounding rock materials.

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