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  1. Christmas cookies

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  2. OS X and Distributed Computing

    12-20-02 Bryan William Jones I am sure that you are familiar at some level (perhaps very familiar) with distributed computing and some of the applications that it has been utilized in recently. The most recent popular efforts have been the SETI distributed project, and before that, the effort to crack encryption keys. Other examples […]

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  3. Apple Science and Technology News for 12-06-02

    12-06-02 Bryan William Jones O.K. folks, the latest update in the science and engineering markets begins with the announcement of new Powerbooks and iBooks. Briefly, the Powerbook has received faster G4 chips starting at 867 MHz and going to 1 GHz and we also have the ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 graphics chips resulting in impressive […]

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  4. Neighbors

    So, the sewer work and driveway are now finished, but the people working on it ripped out a couple of sprinkler heads and ran the bobcat into the foundation of the house a couple of times. When the guy walked up to the door expecting to get paid, I asked him first to replace the […]

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